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Service Information


As the first maritime network service built in the domestic ports, it is Wi-Fi based wireless network service that provides free internet access to all vessels which enter and depart Gwangyang Port and Yeosu Port.

※ Wi-Fi
As the most popular WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) technology, it supports 2.4Ghzof the frequency band 802.11 a/b/g. Consumer devices such as laptops and PDAs have a receiver built in them. .

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Wireless Network Overview

Wireless Network infrastructure has been built by utilizing existing structures, including various lighting systems, CC Camera Poles, beacon facilities, etc.

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Recommendations on use inside a vessel

Wireless antenna installed and connected to WLAN outside a ship offers internet service to many users in cabinets.

The use of the wireless bridge is highly recommended to keep the best condition of the connection when vessels are in motion or shaking

Port Wireless Portal Providing Information

  • Port Weather Information, Information on Wind Direction and Wind Velocity
  • Safety Rules (inside the vessel) / Maritime Safety Information
  • Status on Tug Boats and Pilot boats / Status on Ship Berthing or Anchoring
  • Seafarers Welfare Guide on Shopping, Life and Culture
  • *AIS Vessel Positioning Information

AIS sysyem

*AIS : Automatic Identification System