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How to use GP FreeNet

Service Use Procedure

  1. When you get to a GP Free Net zone, you can access to wireless internet.
  2. Try to access “GP FREENET”by using a smartphone or laptop equipped with Wi-Fi, and run the browser.
  3. Once you see intro browser, authenticate users by the registered user account.
  4. You can use the PORT-MIS User account. Nonmembers can use the service after submitting the membership application form.
GP FREENET Application Download

Connect to Network

Right click the Property on “My Network” icon of the desktop.

If it the status of Wireless Network Connection is “Disconnected to”, change it to “Connected to” (Right-click the “Connected to” in the Wireless Network Connectionicon)

If you get into the GP FREENET Service Zone, you will see GPFREEMET-1 wireless network. Click the connection button and you will have the screen in connection process as below.

  1. ※ If you don't have GP FreeNET network on your network list
  2. ① You are out of the service area → see our service area
  3. ② You are in the service area, but the structure of your ship may disrupt the connection.
  4. ☞ We recommend you install Wireless Bridge (CEP, etc) on your ship in order to use wireless internet on it.

Below is what you will see after following the above instructions.

※Note: If you want to look up your IP to use wireless internet service, follow the procedure here below.
Start Menu → Click on the → Run optioncmd → ipconfig

Run Browser

Once you run the browser after connection to the network, you can see intro browser to authenticate users.

Members who login with the registered user account with the browser can access the main portal system with free internet service.
PORT-MIS User can use PORT-MIS ID/PW. Vessel users can use internet service after completinga GP Free Net membership application.

[Port Wireless Portal System and Main Screen]

※ You cannot use internet service if you do not log in.